List of Top Pakistan’s Think-Tanks

Here is the list of top Pakistani Think-tank who are constantly working to provide effective and resilient solutions to the strategic, economic, and social issues via engagement with Government, Civil Societies and private sectors. Their input in Policy making is highly commendable.


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Pakistan Institute of Development Economic – PIDE:

PIDE pakistani think-tank

PIDE is an economic think tank which founded in 1957, but later, the institute was shifted in Islamabad near Margalla Hills. PIDE provides comprehensive and thematic study of Pakistan economic issues and future challenges. The current vice-chancellor of PIDE is Nadeem ul Haques, a veteran economist.


The best thing about PIDE is that they are constantly engage with the public via YouTube and Twitter. They hold the twitter space meeting wherein experts economists join and speak about the ongoing issues. Moreover, anybody can also participate in the space, and ask questions related to topic.


Social Media Accounts of PIDE:

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook


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Institute of Policy Studies Islamabad – IPS:

IPS pakistani think tank

IPS provides wide spectrum of research work on Pakistan’s internal and external issues such as: Security, Politics, Economy, Social, and etc. Apart from Pakistan Centric study, IPS is continually engaged in International Relation topics like Global dynamics and Globalizations. The Chairman of Institute of Policy Studies Islamabad is Khalid Rehman.


IPS Social Media Accounts:

Twitter, youTube, Facebook


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Islamabad Policy Research Institute – IPRI:

IPRI pakistani think-tank

IPRI is Pakistan’s one of the best strategic think tank which exclusively work on the country’s national security affairs. It is affiliated with National Security Division and Government of Pakistan. Their publications are vital for IR and Strategic studies Students. IPRI covers a detailed view of Pakistan’s strategic interests and regional dynamics. The Chairman of IPRI is Amb. (R) Inamul Haque.


IPRI Social Media Accounts:

Twitter , YouTube , Facebook


Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad – ISSI:

ISSI Pakistan think-tank

ISSI provide quality inputs and researches on global and regional issues. It covers topics of international peace and security, and the elements which could potential to hamper the peace such as Terrorism. ISSI was founded in 1973 as a non-profit organization. It Current Chairman is Ambassador (Rtd) Khalid Mahmood.


ISSI Social Media Accounts:

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook


Pakistan Institute of International Affairs – PIIA:

PIIA pakistan think-tank

PIIA is the oldest Think-tank of Pakistan, which was established in 1936 in British India, but post-partition, its members agreed to continue its journey with Pakistan. It works amid wide range of global issues covering foreign policy and strategic challenges. PIIA has remained among top 20 think-tanks in the word. It is located in Karachi, and its chairman is Dr. Masuma Hassan.


PIIA Social Media Accounts:

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube


Sustainable Development Policy Institute – SDPI:

Sdpi - Pakistani Think tank

SDPI pakistan think-tank

Like PIIA SDPI was also among top 20 think-tank of the world in the same year 2014. It was founded in 1992 for the purpose of providing innovative solution for the sustainable development. It covers range of socio-economic, energy, and environment issues. As the environmental issues are souring, the input of SDPI is very crucial. Its Chairperson is Ambassador Shafqat Kakakhel.

SDPI Social Media Accounts:

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube


Institute of Development Economics Alternatives – IDEAS:

Ideas pakistan think tank

IDEAS pakistan think tank

IDEAS mainly input is People-centric, and to provide solution to the issues which threaten the inclusive growth. Its mission is to strengthen the democracy by Human Development. It was established in 2006 just after 2005 Kashmir earthquake. IDEAS chairperson is Mueen Afzal

IDEAS Social Media Accounts:

Facebook, Twitter


NOTE: Their order here is not organized in terms of ranking.

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